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 Skateboarding guide

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Zoo York
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PostSubject: Skateboarding guide   Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:27 am


First off I will teach you a trick you need as a base for almost all tricks, like kick flip and laser flip.
First off, foot positioning. Picture:
I usually have my front foot back behind the bolts farther, but you can adjust it yourself if this foot position doesnt work for you. (That is not me in the picture, I can't stand on my board because of my ankle) Now your going to pop down(put your weight on your back foot and basically jump off of it) and slide your front foot up like this: Then landing it is pretty basic. It is the easiest trick, but it will take you around 4 days to 1.5 weeks.

Kick flip:

For foot positioning, I like to have my leading foot(front foot) a bit farther behind the Ollie's position and the heel a bit hanging off the board. Pop down like a normal Ollie and slide your foot off like an Ollie, but go farther. Flick the board with your foot to the right.

After you flick the board, suck your legs back in so your board doesn't go flying out, and catch the spin after its done a "360" (a full spin, it wont go sideways lol) A few problems you will face is, it wont work immediately. Don't go public with it is my recommendation, you will look ridiculous the first few times. Your legs will be sore, you will likely be hit a few times in the ankle or shin(especially bad if your basically just skin like me I'm bruised everywhere haha) and the worst this is this. It happens with all tricks and it sucks hardcore. It's called a Popsicle and a Credit card. I will post pictures so you can point and laugh. Unfortunately, all there is on Google images is people eating Popsicles, so here is what Google thinks I'm talking about..
Apparent Popsicle:
Credit card: Also no picture.

I will add to this list later and maybe post a video or pictures of me skateboarding from a few weeks ago.

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PostSubject: Re: Skateboarding guide   Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:12 am

Nice Very Happy
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Skateboarding guide
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