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PostSubject: Magic Guide   Magic Guide EmptyMon Dec 12, 2011 4:04 am

First off. I typed this out before the update for teleports, so instead of ::corp ::nex etc. used in here, you must talk to mage who is just west of the bank, around 10 steps.

Level 1: Train at ::train until you have reached atleast 35 magic.

Level 35: You may use fire bolt! Requires 4 Fires, 3 Airs, and 1 Chaos Rune to cast 1 spell! I recommend using Fire staff. Train at ::rcrabs until 55-65.

Level 55: You have gained access to the modern spells Crumble Undead, Teleport to house, Wind Blast, Superheat Item, Camelot Teleport, Water Blast, Level 3 Enchant, Iban Blast, Snare, Magic Dart, Ardougne Teleport, Earth Blast, and High level Alchemy!
At 55 you may use Smoke Rush and Shadow Rush in the Ancients List, N/A in Lunar!
Train with shadow rush at ::corp if you have atleast 37 prayer, you may go afk on him then, or continue at ::rcrabs until around 70.

Level 70: Congratulations, your about 70% done. I recommend now that you use ancients if you haven't switched already, and use ice burst on rock crabs or use Earth Wave and High alch til 82.

Level 82: Congratulations, you have reached the point where you can use Ice Blitz! You must have 2 Death runes, 2 Blood runes, and 3 water runes. I recommend training on rock crabs still, unfortunately, since it is some of the best xp. If you have atleast 73 slayer, go to ::junglesw, that is great xp. I highly recommend getting 37 prayer, it will make training easier and you won't need to train at ::rcrabs anymore.

The rest of this guide is for if you have prayer. If you are a pure, continue at ::rcrabs.

Level 86: Use Smoke Barrage on ::corp. You may go afk, but if your prayer is only 36 I recommend checking on it and drinking prayer potions if your remaining prayer is under 20 before you go on a website, watch tv, etc. You will get 90 fast doing this and maybe get a lucky drop.

Level 90: Welcome to the world of Shadow Barrage. Requres 4 death, 2 Blood, 4 air, and 3 soul runes for 1 spell cast. Recommend you use a air staff. Continue at corp, or go to nex and prayer protect from range, you need 40 prayer for this. You will get 94 soon.

Level 94: Ice barrage:)! You can effectively rush people now if you wanted!Very Happy
Training is now basically your decision. Corp, Nex, Godwars bosses, etc. It will only be around 10-20 minutes before you have reached 99!Teleport home and march proudly to the magic store, and point and laugh at all the nubs without 99 mage. Your a pimp. (The shop is "Robe Store Owner")

Sorry if this was a bit sloppy. If you get tired of rock crabs, swap it with one of the options Wizard Cromperty offers at home, or talk to Mage(he is advanced teleports like kbd, kq, chaos ele, td, nex, corp, or bosses in godwars.) who is right next to him.

Thank you, I hope this helped you.
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Magic Guide
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