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 Mining guide

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Zoo York
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PostSubject: Mining guide   Sun Dec 18, 2011 6:22 am

To begin: Purchase a pickaxe from Bob in the shop west of the bank. I suggest buying teleport tabs from Aubury.

Level 1: Use a teleport tab for "Varrock" and travel East til you reach the gates. Then go south until you see the mines. Mine Copper and Tin ore until you reach level 15.

Level 15: Mine the iron ore there until 30.

Level 30: You may now mine Iron Ore! Mine these until 30-40 and then use your Lumbridge Tab! Head South (You will pass a cemetery almost immediately) and keep going until you reach the 1st mine. You will not be mining here, it's just a landmark for your direction change. Now, head west until you reach another mine. You should pass Father Urhney and his amazing cabin as well as "mysterious ruins". Mine coal until 55.

Level 55: You could stay there and mine mithril, or go to the mine near Rimmington(you have to walk), or go to the crafting guide. I stayed there until 70, then mined addy ore.

Level 70: Use a lumbridge teleport tab and walk to Al karid. Go to the mining site there and mine the adamantite ore and mithril and coal til 99. You could go to Falador's big coal mine if thats a better idea for you.

Level 99: Show off your cape. :

Xp Table:
Tin and Copper: 1,312 xp each.
Iron Ore: 2,625 xp each
Coal: 3,750 xp each
Mithril: 6,000 xp each
Adamantite: 7,125 xp each

Sorry this one was a little rushed.

I will add pictures if requested by two players. There are currently: 0 requests.
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Mining guide
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